Apache Shores

Apache Shores

I am the Apache Shores Real Estate Expert!

I have personally previewed almost every single home that has been on the market in Apache Shores.  I work hard to get my clients the best prices for their homes and lots.  I have helped neighbors buy and sell homes and lots in Apache Shores.  Before you hire another realtor, ask them how many homes and lots they’ve sold in Apache Shores.  Ask them how many homes they’ve previewed.  Ask them how they plan on getting you top dollar.  Why outsource your realtor when you’ve got an expert who lives in Apache Shores?  Call or e-mail me for more details on how I can help you sell your house or lot or find your next home in Apache Shores.


My Apache Shores Activity

2605 Indian Creek Rd         House for Sale       Listed at $425,000

14303 Cochise Trail             House Pending       Listed at $115,000

3242 Brass Buttons Trail    House SOLD           Listed at $287,900

2672 Crazyhorse Pass          House SOLD            Listed at $339,900

14537 Hunters Pass               House Pending       Listed at $339,900

14608 General Williamson  House SOLD           Listed at $300,000

14306 Hunters Pass              House SOLD*          Listed at $349,000

14907 General Williamson  House SOLD          Listed at $246,785

2905 Chisholm Trl                House SOLD           Listed at $389,000

2913 Chisholm Trl                 House SOLD            Listed at $359,000

14724 Broken Bow Trl          House SOLD            Listed at $275,000

13714 Hunters Pass                Lot SOLD                  Listed at $85,000

2410 Indian Creek Rd           House SOLD             Listed at $275,000

3008 Brass Buttons Trl        House SOLD              Listed at $215,000

2403 White Dove Pass          Lot SOLD                   Listed at $35,000

1902 Platte Pass                     House SOLD*            Listed at $199,900

2401 White Dove Pass           House SOLD            Listed at $285,000

2672 Crazyhorse Pass             House SOLD             Listed at $275,000

2630 Crazyhorse Pass             House SOLD             Listed at       $325,000

14314 Fort Smith Trl               House SOLD             Listed at       $225,000

2505 Indian Creek Rd             House SOLD             Listed at      $289,900

13610 Hunters Pass                  Lot SOLD                  Listed at       $85,000

14307 Hunters Pass                  House SOLD             Listed at       $348,000

Lot 949 Rain Water                   Lot SOLD                 Listed at       $35,000

2303 White Dove Pass              Lot SOLD                 Listed at       $35,000

2307 White Dove Pass              House SOLD            Listed at       $165,000

1810 Quanah Parker Trl           House SOLD          Listed at       $199,990

2304 Rain Water Dr                  House SOLD           Listed at       $278,600

2306 Red Fox Rd.                      House SOLD           Listed at      $279,900

2305 White Dove Pass              House SOLD          Listed at      $283,000

2100 Indian Creek Rd               House SOLD            Listed at      $229,900

2904 Chisholm Trail                 House SOLD    Off market/List    $215,000

13710 Hunters Pass                   House SOLD             Listed at       $446,000

13805 Hunters Pass                   House SOLD*          Listed at       $539,000

13907 Hunters Pass                   Lot SOLD*               Listed at       $100,000

14539 Hunters Pass                   House SOLD           Listed at       $185,000

14541 Hunters Pass                    Lot SOLD                Listed at       $33,000

2400 Indian Creek Rd               House SOLD           Listed at       $230,000

*Denotes Buyer representation


Read about the history of Apache Shores… http://www.apacheshorespoa.com/web124/news/news24_7-historyofapacheshoresbyjeansaile.asp



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